What role will Christians play in shaping our emerging, post-lockdown world? What do we want that world to be like? How will be make our voices heard?

How can we help shape a future that is seasoned with the values of the Kingdom?

Colin Ashurst is our speaker at our online event –  Creating Hope – Listening out of Lockdown.  Colin will lead us to explore and unpack these and other questions together – to get us thinking.  We’ll have breakout groups to explore, and space to pray. Above all, space to ask God and listen.  How does He want me to partner with what He is doing? In this moment in our culture, within my spheres of influence? 

Click here to secure your space on this event, as we explore, unpack, listen and learn together.  Sat, 17/7/2021. 10 – 12 Tickets £5 per device.