Also known as a Spiritual Companion or a Soul-Friend, a Spiritual Director is someone who, for your time together, facilitates hospitable, safe, affirming space  –  just for you. In the midst of the busyness of life and the different hats we can juggle – a Spiritual Director is one who listens, then leads you to listen in turn to God, as He speaks into the moment. 

It’s a boundaried, confidential relationship.  Space to explore your relationship with God.  During a session we might consider current challenges or problems. We might explore fresh ways to approach your prayer life, or Bible reading, or ways to deepen your walk with God, and enrich your relationship with him.

I’ll listen to you as you share your dreams, or worries or challenges, then we’ll trust in the counsel and guiding of the Holy Spirit as we, in turn, listen attentively to Him.

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